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Dental treatments

Tooth Whitening

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Teeth whitening, exactly as the name suggests, involves the lightening of any tooth discolouration to restore the tooth to a whiter shade. Tooth whitening is a safe procedure when performed by a trained professional, and can make a substantial difference to the appearance of your teeth.

The results you can expect will vary from person to person and are largely dependent on the current level of discolouration. Whitening can be performed on both vital (live) and non-vital (tooth with the root removed) teeth; however, it is not effective on any restorative dental treatments such as dental crowns or amalgam fillings.

The discolouring or yellowing of teeth can be caused by a number of factors, including excessive coffee drinking or smoking. When you visit your dentist for a consultation they will discuss the potential causes of your discolouration and will inform you about the various whitening procedures available. Some treatments require multiple visits to be fully completed, and some people will require regular sessions to maintain their new whiter smile.

Pre Whitening

Post Whitening

During Whitening

Post Whitening

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