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Educational school visits

Visit to St. Christina's School

Dr Asha and Laraine our hygienist had the pleasure of talking to the nursery pupils at St Christina's school last month. The talk discussed the causes of tooth decay and gum disease as well as covering healthy eating and toothbrushing technique. It was interactive and we were pleasantly surprised on how knowledgeable these 4 and 5 year old girls were about their mouths and oral hygiene.

Interactive talks using our props such as "Billy Bug" are good fun as it keeps the children engaged and hopefully they are able to talk to their parents at home about the things they have learnt from us. Each child was given a goody bag to take home, this contained stickers, rubbers, tooth cleaning chart, a toothbrush and a sand timer.

If your school would be interested in a visit from our team please contact the practice and ask for Georgia.

Visit to Southbank International Junior School

Thank you to Southbank International Junior School for inviting us on Tuesday 18th June 2013 to talk to your five year old pupils. The children were very receptive to our interactive session, and particularly enjoyed our giant tooth brush and model.

We were so impressed with their level of knowledge regarding oral health.

We look forward to visiting again in September.

Another successful school visit....

Last Monday Asha and I visited Norland Place School.

Norland Place educates boys aged four to eight, and girls aged four to eleven. The children were a pleasure to teach, and were exceptionally well behaved. We managed to see all of the students by offering our 30 minute presentation to all 11 classes.

The day was highly enjoyable, all the children were very receptive to our interactive presentation. Many surprised us with well informed questions, and demonstrated a high level of knowledge, not just regarding oral health but general health also. The students had clearly spent time learning about the nutritional values of the food they eat and were keen to offer opinions regarding this. A good example was when we discussed the high sugar levels in crisps; the children were quick to mention the high salt, fat and carbohydrate content also.

The children thoroughly enjoyed practising good brushing techniques on the giant teeth, and were unanimously horrified by our pictures of patients with gum disease and caries.

If you would like more information about caring for your child's teeth, please see the oral health care for children section on our website.

If you are interested in having a school visit, and you are located close to our practice, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange it.

educational school visitsOn the 6th of March Asha and I had the pleasure of visiting a nursery school to offer advice on children’s oral care. This is to be the first of many visits to local schools.

The children were aged between 3 and 5 years old. We discussed the causes for dental decay and gum disease using a presentation targeted at their age group. The presentation included lots of photos that effectively demonstrated foods that were both good and bad for the teeth. The photos also showed the children decayed teeth, and gums that were swollen as a result of gum disease.

educational school visitsWe also used a giant mouth model and tooth brush to demonstrate correct brushing techniques. The children all enjoyed the interactive learning whilst taking it turns to show how they brush.

The visit was finished with a quiz asking basic questions to reiterate the information we had passed on. The children’s pre existing knowledge on oral health care was very encouraging, with many children having a good understanding of foods containing sugar and good brushing habits. Their ability to listen, take part, retain the information and most importantly enjoy the presentation was very rewarding.

We are hoping to make these visits an annual occurrence to educate children and instil good habits for lifelong prevention of dental disease.

If your child’s school is close to our practice and you would like to arrange one of our educational visits please contact the practice and we will liaise with the school.

If you would like us to visit your child’s school or you are a teacher at a school in the Central London area and would like us to educate your students on Oral Health,  please contact our Practice Manager Georgia Rice on 0207 935 8553 who will happily speak to you about the visits and arrange a visit to your school.

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