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Pre-Christmas Whitening Offer

Winter Whitening

The Zoom! Whitening System gives excellent results. We guarantee a brighter smile.

Our Whitening Wednesday offer includes in surgery ZOOM whitening and a custom made home kit (including bleach). Home kits allow you to top up whenever you want, which means you maintain your shade for longer without repeated in surgery visits.

Treat yourself or a friend and save £176.00 with our offer.

Pre Bleaching Post Bleaching

Tooth Whitening- Patient Information

  • Age and lifestyle have an effect on the colour of your teeth; nicotine, red wine and coffee will all darken your teeth over time.

  • The tooth whitening process will not harm your teeth.

  • A combination of ‘at home’ and ‘in surgery’ whitening techniques gives excellent results.

  • The effects of whitening can last approximately 2 years, depending on your lifestyle.

  • Toothpastes which claim to whiten teeth do not have the active whitening agent found in our whitening gels – and so they will have very little effect.

  • Whitening gels will not alter the colour of existing fillings, crowns or bridges – you may want to have these replaced once you are happy with the shade of your teeth.

    For more information on whitening click here.

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