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Welcome to Davies & Associates Dental Practice

Dr Asha Dwarakanath has been providing clear braces for 13 years and has a Silver Status from Invisalign, as a result of achieving a high volume of very successful cases with their system, for both teenagers and adults.

Dr Asha Dwarakanath is able to offer three types of clear braces and this can be tailored to you, depending on which system is most suitable for your needs.

Systems we can offer here are:

  • INVISALIGIN- A series of clear, removable aligners, changed every two weeks. The aligners are manufactures in Santa Clara, USA.
  • INSIGNIA – The Insignia Clear guide aligner system combines the technology of Ormoco’s Insignia Advanced Smile design. They are produced in USA and deal mainly with anterior movement.
  • INLINE – This is a German based product that deals with misaligned or over crowded anterior teeth. They are made from a twin layer clear plastic.
Normal Fixed Braces Invisalign Braces

We are offering a Free Consultation with Dr Asha Dwarakanath.

Fees will be discussed at the consultation.  These fees can be spread over a six month period, to allow you to achieve the desired smile at a competitive price.

All system includes:

  • All aligners
  • All appointments
  • All photos, Impressions and radiographs (if required)
  • Free Retainers
  • Complimentary post whitening home kit.
  • Care for 1 year after completion of treatment.

If you have any questions regarding our clear braces please contact the practice.

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