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Welcome to Davies & Associates Dental Practice

Children's routine dental care should start with us around age 3. The initial 2 visits are used to help your child become familiar with our staff, facilities and the general experience of having a check up. Children will be introduced to both the Dentists (Dr Davies and Dr Dwarakanath) and the Hygienist (Laraine) at these early visits. We will not attempt any treatment until your child is fully ready.

childrens dentistry childrens dentistry

Ages 3-5
Our objective is prevention of any dental disease – so from age 4-5 onwards we suggest 6 monthly visits. 15 minutes with the Dentist and 15 minutes with the Hygienist.

At each visit the Hygienist will undertake the following

  • Gentle scale and polishing
  • Toothbrush instruction, dietary advice and general oral health care discussion with parents
  • Diet advice
  • Fluoride treatment (as per government recommendations*)
Ages 6-9

At age 6-9, your child's first permanent molars will erupt. These teeth are particularly vulnerable to decay and so to prevent this we strongly advise the placement of fissure sealants. This white composite material coats the top of surface of the tooth making it more resistant to dental decay. Some people choose to have all of their children's permanent teeth fissure sealed.

Ages 10-14

Orthodontic treatment is always in the back of parents' minds and the Dentist will continually be assessing and discussing whether orthodontic treatment will be advisable. If orthodontic treatment is needed we have an established network of specialist orthodontists in various parts of London who we refer to. For children undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment, we advise 3 monthly visits to the hygienist as maintaining good oral hygiene can be quite difficult around the orthodontic brackets.

Ages 15-18

We hope to get your child through to the age of 18 with prevention based treatment only, building positive experiences as we go, so the fear of the dentist which so effects previous generations will not be a factor with your family.

*The Department of Health Suggests Fluoride varnish is applied in surgery by your dentist or dental hygienist. This is a varnish containing 26,600 ppm. It is recommended for this to be applied twice yearly for all children under 7 (four times yearly for higher risk patients) and twice yearly for at risk adult patients.


Private Fees
Dental Exam       £65.00
15 Minutes with Hygienist £35.00
Fissure Sealants £60.00

Or why not join our practice plan and have everything covered* plus emergency cover and accident insurance.

Practice Plan

Regular dental Appointments (two per year) To include
  • Clinical Examination
  • Soft Tissue Screening
  • X-rays
Regular Hygienist visits (two per year) To Include
  • Tooth brushing technique.
  • Preventative techniques to reduce Decay
  • Fluoride treatment.
  • Cleaning and polishing
Free restorative and Preventative Treatments To Include
  • Amalgam fillings
  • Composite fillings
  • Routine Extractions
Worldwide Trauma Insurance
To protect against the cost of large unforeseen accidental damage Information on worldwide dental trauma and emergency callout insurance

Emergency Callout Insurance
For use if you have a dental emergency anywhere in the world For a monthly fee of £21.00
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