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Dental treatments

Composite fillings

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Most people with a history of dental work will have had a filling at some point in their life, but nowadays people are increasingly conscious of the physical appearance of their smile. For those looking for an alternative to the traditional silver coloured amalgam fillings, composite fillings provide a more natural looking tooth coloured solution.

Originally introduced in the 1960's, a composite resin involves filling a tooth coloured plastic mixture with silicon dioxide. They were originally intended to be used exclusively for the front teeth due to their soft composition, yet modern advancements in technology mean the can be used anywhere.

The placement of a composite filling can be a little more complicated than the traditional silver fillings, so the procedure may take an additional 15-20 minutes to complete. Composite fillings are considered a cosmetic dental procedure - they are not available through the NHS and must be paid for privately.

Although composite fillings are more aesthetically pleasing than silver fillings, they don't tend to last as long. However, the newer materials being used in modern composites have comparable properties to silver amalgam, and have so far been shown to last longer than the old composite. The expected lifespan of your composite filling will depend where it is in your mouth and the depth of the cavity. Your dentist should be able to advise how long they expect it to last.

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